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As you may have guessed, I'm also a drummer. I've learned the real basics on my own at home, then I've gone to a teacher for the rest.
I've been on stage quite a few times now, I was on regular rock concerts, charity concerts, and even in plays.
Currently I don't have a band, but I'm looking forward to creating one in the future.

What The Hey!

I've started a pop punk / punk rock band in the summer of 2015. I was one of the songwriters, and the drummer obviously. We've written 5 original songs in our run. We've performed on stage for a couple of times. Unfortunately the band has split up in 2017.


As a guest drummer, I've been on stage with a few bigger names, like the Grenma, Supernem, Uzipov.


Green Day - Still Breathing (drum cover)

Simple cover by me.

the Grenma - Túl Szép (live)

Live performance with the Grenma's singer himself, Csongor Szalay.

What The Hey! - On The Bridge (live)

My band performing one of our original songs.

Green Day - Holiday (live)

An old live performance with other random people.

Supernem - Irány A Moziba Be! (drum cover)

Just a simple cover.

What The Hey! - Magadban Bízz (live)

Drunk performace of one of our original songs.

More drum covers
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