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I've started learning web editing around 2016, and I love creating new web apps or pages.
At this point, I'm capable to create a simple and dynamic website, which is working from a database.


I have the basic knowledge for web editing, this includes HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, and a little bit of JavaScript and jQuery.


I don't have many public sites to show you as of now, but this website you're currently on was also written by me. You can find a few more sites down below.
I've also created a number of internal tools/apps which are being used by me, my colleauges, etc. (I'll write a short brief of them in the future)

What The Hey! - Band Page

The page was written for my old band, and also it was my thesis in school.
It's working from a database, has a custom gallery script, and an admin panel.
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Rocksuli Concert Database V1 (RSCDB)

This web app was quickly written to help Rocksuli with it's concert preparations.

This app is in beta status right now.

Functions include seperating the database to four different locations, adding teachers/songs/musicians, editing the practice timetable, showing songs with open musician slots dynamically, etc.

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